Monday, March 23, 2009

Be Still My Heart!

I found Marin the cutest swim suit this weekend at a used children's store in town. OH MY!!! It is absolutely darling! I was in love with the suit before I put it on her. After she tried it on, I don't think anything will ever be as sweet. Look out she comes!


Emily said...

That is absolutely precious!! I felt the same way about the suit that we got Katy (at a 2nd hand store) for her first trip to the beach. It has a warm place in my heart even still. Here's a link to see it:

And I think Rachel had the same suit, come to think of it!

Sara said...

Ok that is adorable! I have this great pink flamingo dress that would be perfect if it wasn't an 18 months! maybe for next year's Florida trip! And the shades...looking good Marin, looking good girl!

Weed said...

Yes, Rachel had the same suit as Katy (also second hand!).

Such a cutie!