Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just the Stats

Today both of the kiddos went to see Dr. Santos for well exams. I wasn't sure if it was a good idea to schedule them together or not, but it turned out fine. Kaden went first and did very well (he liked sitting around the exam room in his undies I think). He currently weighs 38 pounds (95%ile) and is 38 inches (75%ile) tall. She did qualify his height (he's never been under the 90%ile), because it was the first time they measured him while standing, so she said most children don't know how to stand up tall, so they "shrink" at first. Interesting. He is right where he should be developmentally. She was VERY impressed that he is fully potty-trained and can ride a bike. She did however, refer us to an optometrist because he doesn't yet know his colors, and I am worried he could be color blind. We'll see. Our appointment isn't until April. She also recommended seeing a dentist! WOW, seems early to me, but we'll get on that too. Kaden screamed when the nurse walked in with his shot (Hepatitis A), but she gave it quickly and he stopped crying right away and began saying, "I was brave."

Miss Marin also is thriving. Her current weight is 15 pounds 11.5 ounces (90%ile) and height is 26 inches (95%ile). Dr. Santos was surprised that she is already cutting her first two teeth, and also said her ability to be in an exersaucer at this age is advanced. She got two shots, and although she doesn't yet know to cry when she sees the nurse, she makes it understood that she is no fan of shots either!

To celebrate (for Kaden or for me, I'm not sure) our completion of the marathon doctor appointment, we got McDonald's for lunch! YUM! Strawberry milkshake and all!

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Adrianne said...

I thought he was identifying colors when we were visiting. (He sure knows what colors the John Deere's are.) Are you just worried about red/green color blindness? Aaron is getting better at those two colors, but I've wondered if he has trouble with them. It's pretty common in boys.