Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Real Day

Saturday was Kaden's real birthday (as opposed to his party). Here is a pictorial of his day.

Eating a "black" donut for breakfast!

Testing out his new roller skates (actually "trainer" roller blades...I know, I know, we're asking for a trip to the hospital!) He asked for them for Christmas and we didn't think he was ready, so we told him Santa ran out....well, he didn't forget and kept on asking for them, so, we finally caved and got them for him. He is currently restricted to using them on the carpet. I think he puts them on at least 10 times a day. It was his favorite gift from us.

Eating lunch next to daddy at Red Robin

Mommy and Marin at the restaurant

Getting sung to at Red Robin...not embarrassed a bit!

Daddy and Marin hanging out at home (look at her cute smile! Love that.)

Getting sung to at home, blowing out candles and eating the cupcake! (no, we don't need a name tag to remember his name...he had it on from church that evening)

Whew! That was quite a day! Even daddy and I enjoyed the festivities. Here's hoping we don't have to "one-up" it next year!

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Adrianne said...

Red Robin - great! And Marin looks even bigger than when I saw her last week!