Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Birthday Bash Party Six: Cute Quotes

We all wore green for the party. I feel like the John Deere first family!

Today is Kaden's actual birthday. I can't believe he's really 3. At times I think he should still be my little baby, and at other times, bringing him home from the hospital seems like many life times ago. Life has changed so much since then.

Here are a few memorable quotes from his birthday weekend.

  • While getting ready to open his gifts: "I better put my shoes on incase I want to shoot some baskets!" (he saw that he was getting an adjustable hoop)

  • When asked what his favorite part of the party was: "Eating that John Deere black tractor tire." (That's the piece of the tractor cake he chose.)

  • Before he feel asleep after the party: "That was a yummy party and all those people were yummy. I'm gonna eat 'em up!"

  • The next day upon seeing that his poop was green (from the cake frosting): "Yea! I've got John Deere poop again!"

Oh, my! What a fun age! I seriously wish we could freeze him here so he wouldn't get any older!

Happy Birthday Kaden! We love every day with you!

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Weed said...

John Deere poop....that's hilarious!
Happy Birthday, Kaden!!